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Pyro-Meshed Fireworks - The firework depot
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Firework Newsletter

We have moved to
The Firework Depot
Unit C10
Hortonwood 10

01952 605 473

Opening Times

Monday To Sat
10am Till 5:30pm

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Pyro-Meshed Fireworks

Pyromeshed Fireworks

  • £109.00 £80.00 Brothers Choice
    Brothers Choice Contains 4 Big shot Barrages with amazing effects

  • £75.00 Open Fire
    This cake has some very interesting effects, starting by firing 3 shots to the right then left then continuing it bombard of colour and noise with fan effect, single shots and a great crackling...

  • £39.99 SFX Rocktes - Big effect rockets fireworks pack of four
    Absoulte Fireworks SFX Rockets They are packed in Pyro-Mesh  and come with huge effects The SFX rockets from absolute fireworks are some of the best pack of 4 rockets available on the firework market, With a big...

  • £15.00 The King Rocket - Single fireworks
    The King Rocket is Back   This single rocket  firework is amazing With a BIG wooosh and Huge Bang (this might make people jump and set off some alarms  so be warned ) we wont write anymore about the king...

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